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Career Shift // Chiara Emiliani

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

We caught up with Chiara Emiliani Partnership Executive at MUSE – to hear about her career journey at Chalhoub.

GH: Chiara, you’ve been with the Group for almost 2 years now, and you’ve moved quite a bit – tell us how you started and where you’re at now.

CE: I joined the group in 2017 as a trainee in the Consumer & Market Insights team immediately after graduating from college. I didn’t have a background in the retail industry so I loved being part of a report & data-focused department as it gave me access to information on performance, trends & international best practices.

Whilst in this role I began to notice several interconnected trends from the reports, ultimately leading me to submit a Big Idea to Ibtikar. My project, 1001, was accepted, and I had the amazing opportunity to work full-time on bringing my project to life for a year. 1001 is a cross-group personal styling service for high-value guests that takes place in the comfort of their residence.

This year I joined MUSE, the Group’s soon to launch loyalty programme as part of the Experiences & Benefits team and I hope to be able to re-launch ‘1001’ as an experience once we are up and running.

GH: Considering the diversity of roles and departments you’ve been in, what are some traits/skills that you carry throughout all fields?

CE: I think a trait that helped me a lot was being agile. At both roles, we were experimenting with a new concept or launching a minimal viable product that you continuously test, improve and adapt till you get the desired results.

GH: At Ibtikar, you were essentially leading your own project, but now with Muse, you’re in a more hierarchical structure. What were some of the challenges and upsides of transitioning back into the business?

CE: Being the decision-maker was definitely empowering at Ibtikar and it allowed me to move fast and do what I had to do in order to build ‘1001’ but I undoubtedly missed being part of a team. I love the synergy between team members with different personalities, priorities/roles, and levels of seniority coming together.

GH: You’re collaborative by nature, and most recently you’ve partnered up with a current Ibtikarian – Alexys, who’s leading You Beaut (https://youbeaut.me) – can you tell us about your motivation behind this and what the experience has been like?

CE: MUSE partnered with Alexys and her Ibtikar Project You Beaut to create our ‘Ceremonial Tier’ on-boarding gifts for when our members unlock Tier 2 and Tier 3. We were looking for something personalized yet scalable and working with a start-up provided us the flexibility to experiment until we came up with our MUSE Gift Box. In less than two months Alexys was able to curate 6 different box types with 5 to 6 full-sized products from over a dozen brands, which is amazing.

GH: What are you most excited about with the upcoming launch of MUSE?

CE:There’s a lot to be excited about but my top 3 are:

  1. The data that we will be able to gather on our customers – with that, we’ll be able to better serve them based on their interests.

  2. Deepening the interaction between customers and our brands through storytelling in the form of ‘MUSE Experiences’.

  3. Elevating our customer’s journey with our brands via a unified service hub that will offer complimentary home delivery, alterations, valet parking, and concierge.

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