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CX Academy in Action

We sat with CX Champ Farah Al Masri, Brand Marketing Manager at Swarovski to chat about her growth experience with the CX Academy.

GH: Your role is “Brand Marketing Manager” – but I sense you do a lot more than that; can you tell us more about what you do at Swarovski?

FM: I lead the Region’s Marketing Strategy and oversee execution of the marketing plan in all markets. I ensure smooth alignment between online & offline activations in order to achieve the broad brand goals. With an ever-changing retail environment, developing new processes and improving existing ones is essential to minimizing the gaps, and ensuring a smooth and efficient work flow across markets.

In line with the Group’s direction to be more customer-centric, my focus is to ensure that we have the correct mindset in each market, and ensure we’re aligned in adopting a holistic approach to the business. My direction for this year is to test and experiment new ideas, concepts, and processes – we'll be leveraging on the launch of CRM to achieve personalized and customized campaigns tailored to customers’ needs.

In 2018, I took part in the AMP project; focused on digitalizing Christofle. The project was a great learning, and I’m currently applying relevant learnings to Swarovski. Additionally, being part of the Operation Mandarin Taskforce; we visited marketing agencies in China to better understand how to target Chinese tourists in Dubai, with the goal of eventually developing a platform for marketers in the Group to engage with Chinese customers.

My most recent project is leading the CX pilot for Swarovski; which has been extremely insightful. Being part of the CX Academy’s first cycle has also allowed me to work with the Faces team on their CX – a great experience that I’m enjoying every bit of.

GH: How did developing your customer archetypes lead to crystalizing your CX Vision?

FM: During the workshop, we identified customers’ expectations on a brand, product/service, category/competition and channel level. We had to ensure that our value adjectives aligned with the brand values and company mission – they also had to be inspiring, simple, realistically achievable and set expectations. It was great to see the difference between the Brand Vision and CX Vision, and how the latter is more experience focused.

GH: In designing experiences, people speak of the “aha” moment – what was your “aha” moment during this process?

FM: It was once we dug deep into the customer thoughts and emotions to understand them better; that was my aha moment – it allowed me to unlock a lot of opportunities which were hidden to me before. This reveal allowed me to incorporate them into our long-term strategy and tools, rather than just short-term tactical goals.

GH: What is a key insight that you’ve gained during The Greenhouse / CX “Inspirational Talks”?

FM: One thing that I found insightful was the importance of data and learnings that come with analyzing data correctly. Having correct data analyzed – whether it’s quantitative or qualitative – helps us make better decisions and drive the necessary change. One of our challenges is that we don’t have is a dedicated resource for data only - which is currently an important work-in-progress for us in Swarovski.

I'm looking forward to continue applying our learnings and eventually measuring impact as a result.

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