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Learning from our Learnings

Action-oriented feedback from corporate sponsors and startups

What We Did Well

  1. Engaged & involved corporate sponsors: Group's brand managers (corporate sponsors) were welcoming, proactive and daring in their experiments; traits that are integral to the success of a proof-of-concept.

  2. High-fit between real-life challenges & startup solutions: looking inwards to understand our pain points as a compass to find relevant solutions – allowing for efficient workflows and clear objective-setting.

  3. On-boarding startups: making The Greenhouse a home – startups were warmly welcomed and integrated into the Group. The program structure ensured that startups were connected and oriented from the outset.

  4. Physical proximity vs. global suppliers: startups competing with other suppliers were at an advantage – able to communicate easily and customize solutions adeptly.

  5. Program structure: fluff-free, not fluffy. The program focused on piloting solutions and market access; offering startups a retail safari on arrival, objective-setting, speed-dating, social hours, demo days and workshops throughout the 3 months.

  6. Cultural osmosis really does work: energy and entrepreneurial agility is contagious – the bug was caught by The Greenhouse team, Ibtikarians and extended Chalhoub employees alike.

  7. Knowledge transfer: learning as a two-way street between startups, corporate sponsors, and beyond.

What We Can Do Better

Pressed on time, we must ensure that startups best utilize their time, resources and energy. In short, structured project and time management are key.

  1. Project planning pre-program: engaging all relevant stakeholders are involved early on to begin planning the POCs and setting milestones. Hit the ground running.

  2. Involvement of relevant stakeholders: early engagement of corporate sponsors and Support Services to allow for compatibility-checks and buy-in.

  3. Weekly status updates: project management for accountability from both sides.

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