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At our Startup Studio, we are building the future.

We achieve this by experimenting rapidly, uniting bold founders, and investing in the unpredictable.

We’re hackers, persistently discovering how to create things people desire. We co-create and launch traction-heavy ventures, by generating repeatable paths and reducing the risk required to launch a startup.

We turn ideas into high-potential ventures, at scale.

We act as a co-founder alongside our entrepreneurs and bring production capabilities, experience, and everything a startup needs to grow. Plus...


You get us, the best co-founder you can find made up of industry experts with 'tons' of experience


Benefit from an extensive unfair advantage and  unrivaled market access to some of today's best tools, markets, services and beyond


Benefit from access to funding, starting with the prototyping phase all the way to Series A. That is a sweet deal


We aid you in every stage of your startup, ensuring that you succeed and grow as fast as possible


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We start all our ventures with a 2-month prototyping phase where we will explore business ideas, design potential solutions, and test them to validate our hypothesis. If we find amazing insights, we will build these new startups together.

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3. Seed Stage ($500k)

When milestones are met and traction is evident, our fund can invest a further $500k. Pretty sweet! (6-9 months)

4. Series-A Stage ($1.5m)

Now we are getting somewhere.  At this point, our startup is growing exponentially fast and is ready to go to the next phase with a $1.5m injection

2. Pre-Seed Stage ($100k)

Now that we have found validation in the prototyping phase we will invest $100k to launch an MVP into the market (3-6 months)

1. Prototyping Phase

You will have the ability to join us at this stage as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) and dig deeper in your chosen topic to create a viable experiment with our team (2-3 months)


0. Exploration Stage

We (the studio) conduct primary and secondary research alongside workshops with subject matter experts to identify potential solutions to industry pain points. We explore and publish a new industry report every 2 months 


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