Spacious Office

At the Startup Studio, we are building the future. We aim to achieve this by experimenting rapidly, uniting bold founders, and investing in the unpredictable. We’re hackers, persistently discovering how to create things people desire. We co-create and launch traction-heavy ventures. We do this by generating repeatable paths and reducing the risk required to launch a startup.


We act as a co-founder alongside our entrepreneurs and bring production capabilities, experience and everything a startup needs to grow 🚀


We unite a crew of doers, unleash ambition and teach lean methodologies


We act as your co-founder with internal capabilities to build what the world needs next


We invest in uniqueness, disruption and calculated 



Join us for a period of 2 months where we will explore together business ideas and design a solution, prototype and shadow test the new model.  If we find amazing insights, we will build a new venture together.

Get the best co-founder you can find

Start from day 1 with a team at scale

Benefits from extensive unfair advantages and market access

Increase your chances to go to series B by 5x with our experience and network


Get access to our production factory and full stack team with technical capabilities in business design, artistic direction, tech, growth hacking and much more!

Don't waste time to raise funds

We are tapping into Chalhoub Group's strong assets: expertise, footprint, logistics, large network of partners, brands and customers

Compared to an average of 6 months to raise each round of funding with the CEO almost exclusively dedicated to the roadshow