Creative Working

Entrepreneur in Residence

Join us as an Entrepreneur in-residence for a period of 2 months where we will explore together business ideas based on users’ pain points, design a solution, prototype and shadow launch the new model.


Using data-driven evidence, we will iterate our solution until we have validated a strong value proposition and early market traction. When successful, we will build a new venture together. Our team will be structured as : 







THE STUDIO as THE CSO (Chief Success Officer) An experienced team able to produce everything a startup needs to grow fast


Responsible for delivering the best experience to our customers


Responsible for sales and growth

What you'll need to succeed: 

👉  You are an experienced founder or have a similar experience as a builder within the startup scene

👉  You are on a mission to crack a big problem

👉  You have a deep connection with your industry ecosystem 

👉  You care about building a strong community and can resonate with them 

👉  You are a fast learner and are not afraid to make mistakes 

👉  You are able to execute at speed while keeping the big picture in mind

👉  You are excited about learning new things autonomously and even more passionate about sharing these with others 

👉  You are dedicated and hardworking

Join us in making a difference

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