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Women @ Work

A support system for women by women around NFT drops that open privileges such as access to a private discord, round tables, one-to-one mentoring...

$$$ Email

Make your mail box lucrative (for you or a charity). When someone that is not on your wishlist sends you an unsolicited email they will have to pay $ to reach you. This will push them to be more mindful of your time and their digital footprint

ESG/CSR Accountability

A SAAS platform for companies to gain visibility on their ESG impact from which they can take tangible actions and achieve their net-zero goals as well as receive third party certificates that proves their commitment to end-consumer

Wardrobe Subscription

A platform for consumers to rent their daily outfits (clothes and accessories) to look cool every day allowing them to merge style and sustainability by eventually reducing their wardrobe sizes and supporting their growing demand for "wear only once" mindset

Cloud Farming

A hydroponic vertical agriculture farm that allows you to grow particular fruits + vegetables locally while being able to reduce emissions within the process, based on a subscription / micro leasing / dark kitchen model

Community Coaching

A SAAS platform for professionals to build communities, be recognize and trusted and inspire them on their wellness journey

Join us as an Entrepreneur in Residence and
become our Co-Founder!

Join us as an Entrepreneur In Residence for a period of 2 months where we will explore together business ideas based on users’ pain points, design a solution, prototype, and shadow launch the new model.


Using data-driven evidence, we will iterate our solution until we have validated a strong value proposition and early market traction. When successful, we will build a new venture together.

Your team structure will look something like this:

THE STUDIO acting as your CSO (Chief Success Officer)

An experienced team able to produce everything a startup needs to grow fast



Responsible for delivering the best experience to our customers



Responsible for sales and growth

What you'll need to succeed: 

👉  You are an experienced founder or have a similar experience as a builder within the startup scene

👉  You are on a mission to crack a big problem

👉  You have a deep connection with your industry ecosystem 

👉  You care about building a strong community and can resonate with them 

👉  You are a fast learner and are not afraid to make mistakes 

👉  You are able to execute at speed while keeping the big picture in mind

👉  You are excited about learning new things autonomously and even more passionate about sharing these with others 

👉  You are dedicated and hardworking

Join us in making a difference today!

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