A collection of free (or freemium) tools that can help you manage any project no matter the size or complexity.

Royalty-Free Images & Vectors graphics


FREEPIK - free high-quality content:

  • Illustrations

  • Photos

  • Icons

  • MockUps & Presentation Templates



PEXELS - free stock photos & videos shared by talented creators:

  • Free to use

  • Hi-Res / High Quality

  • Community-Based

  • No attribution required

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FLATICON - one of the largest database of free icons available:

  • PNG

  • SVG

  • EPS

  • PSD & BASE 64 formats


UNSPLASH - is the internet's source of freely usable images, powered by creators:

  • Over 1 million free hi-res images

  • License Free

  • No attribution required


PIXABAY - full of stunning free images & royalty-free stock:

  • 1+ million images

  • License Free

  • No attribution required

Burst by SHOPIFY

BURST - a free stock photo platform that is powered by Shopify

  • License Free

  • No attribution required

  • Business Ideas: Over 20 online business ideas that are particularly popular this year displayed via photos & case studies.


Design, Prototyping, & Presentation builders


FIGMA - a free web & desktop design tool that helps you with:

  • Design for Web or Mobile

  • Prototype Websites, Apps, and Social Media content

  • Collaborate with others in your team

  • Replaces Adbove Illustrator


InVision - a prototyping tool created for designers, by designers:

  • Interactive prototyping (Wireframes, Navigation, and Design)

  • Collaborate with others in your team


GIMP - a cross-platform image editor that helps you with:

  • High-Quality Photo Manipulation

  • Original Artwork Creation

  • Graphic Design Elements

  • Free to download and use



ZEPLIN - a design tool that connects designers with developers:

  • Intuitive design tool for any digital product

  • Easy exports into many professional products

  • Multi-team collaboration

  • Perfect for designer to developer handoff


BEAUTIFUL.AI - a free presentations builder that helps you with:

  • Design for Web or Mobile

  • Prototype Website, Apps, Social Media content

  • Collaborate with others in your team

  • Replaces Adbove Illusatrtot & InDesign


CANVA  - a drag and drop designers for all things design:

  • Great for Presentations Building

  • Powerful collateral builder 

  • Free to use

  • Web based


UPLABS - curate design & development inspiration & resources :

  • Android & iOS

  • Web Design

  • Icons, Branding, Marketing

  • Downloadable in many professional formats


UI8 - a community of curated design resources

  • Browse and download thousands of pre-made UI elements

  • UI Kits, Wireframes, Icon Sets, Fonts, Mockups, Presentations

  • Perfect to boost your creativity in design


COOLORS - a free color schemes generator:

  • Create color palettes on the fly

  • Browse thousands of colors schemes already generated

  • Share and export with ease

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Stylify Me

STYLIFY ME - helps designers gain an overview of the style guide of a site:

  • Fonts

  • Sizing

  • Colors

  • Spacing

Marketing & Education

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Facebook Bluerprint

FB Blueprint - an e-learning platform that offers free, self-paced courses on Facebook and Instagram advertising.

  • 90+ courses

  • Online Certification by FB


Google Digital Garage

Google DG  - enables anyone to learn the fundamentals of online marketing.

  • 125 Courses

  • Approved by industry experts

  • Includes Certifications 


UXPressia a free web customer journey mapping tool that helps you:

  • Design customer journey maps

  • Develop personas

  • Create impact maps


LATER.COM  - an online tool that helps you plan & executes social posts:

  • Schedule FB, IG, TW, & Pinterest posts ahead of time

  • Powerful analytics to measure engagement

  • Collaborative 

  • Free to use


Data visualization & Analytics

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 15.46.06.png

Google Data Studio

GOOGLE DS - a free interactive dashboard builder:

  • Easy to use and understand

  • Out of the box connection to many data sources

  • Real-time & collaborative

  • Free to use 


INFOGRAM - an easy to use web infogram builder:

  • Realtime collaboration

  • Download, share or publish online

  • Can be used for reports, dashboards, maps, or SM visuals

Google Analytics

GOOGLE ANALYTICS - a free web analytics service that helps you:

  • Analyze in-depth detail about the visitors on your website

  • Track marketing ROI

  • Set goals

  • Free to use

download (1).png


HOTJAR - see how visitors are really using your website:

  • See user heatmaps

  • View user recorded sessions on your site

  • Easy to integrate with popular web builders



BITLY  - helps you shorten & track weblinks:

  • Great for long product URL marketing campaigns

  • Easy to create custom name short links

  • In-depth link tracking


SEGMENT  - data platform that connects to hundreds of sources:

  • Integrate Web & Mobile data in once place

  • Load & store customer data

  • Build real-time audiences and customer profiles

Market Research & Intelligence 



TYPEFORM  - interactive & immersive survey questions for your audience:

  • Easy to design

  • Plentiful templates 

  • Useful in every stage of the customer journey

  • Freemium 

Google Forms

GOOGLE FORMS - flexible and customizable form builder:

  • Easy to use

  • Plentiful templates to start with

  • Data-driven insights

  • Easy integration

Survey Monkey

SURVEY MONKEY - create, send, and analyze surveys for free:

  • Easy to create survey, quizzes, and polls

  • Easy to gather feedback via online channels

  • Easy to analyze

  • Includes a suite of specialized tools

Google Trends

GOOGLE TRENDS  - understands what the world is searching for:

  • Understand what search words users are searching for

  • Know the honest trends locally, regionally, and internationally

  • Monitor your brand & check your competitors


KNOWEM - username availability on social networks & domain names:

  • The first step to a digital name discovery 

  • Conduct digital audit 

  • Understand digital name availability


SIMILARWEB - a free web analytics services & competitor analysis:

  • See what digital product your conception is using

  • Understand their digital marketing performance

  • Discover competitor keywords

  • See consumer intent & journey

Built With

BUILTWITH - helps you find out what a website is built with:

  • Quickly identify what technology a site built with

  • Conduct competitor analysis 

  • Understand keyword competition

download (1).png


CRUNCHBASE - company insights from startups to the Fortune 1000:

  • Discover innovative companies

  • Find with founders and specialists 

  • Great tool for company discovery

  • See what global innovators are launching today

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 11.21.23 AM.pn

Facebook Ads Library

FB Ad Library - helps you see your competitors' marketing campaigns:

  • See what ads brands are running

  • No account needed

  • Perfect for understanding what ads your competitors are running on all Facebook platform

Web & Landing page builders


Idea Generator



MIRO - an online collaborative whiteboarding platform that helps with:

  • Ideation & Brainstorming

  • Research & Design

  • Mapping & Diagramming

  • Free to get started



WHIMSICAL  - collaborative brainstorm space where you can create:

  • Flowcharts

  • Sticky Notes

  • Mind Maps

  • Wireframes

Mind Mesiter

MIND MEISTER - an online mind mapping tool that helps you:

  • Capture Ideas

  • Develop them visually

  • Manage projects efficiently

  • Share & collaborate with anyone




TRELLO - organize & prioritize your projects in a fun and flexible way.:

  • Powerful To-Do lists

  • Easy Integrations

  • Workflow Automation

  • Free for individuals


ASANA - an online platform to manage remote workflows:

  • Powerful To-Do list

  • Perfect for remote teams

  • Easy integrations

  • Free for individuals


MONDAY - Work OS that powers teams to run everyday work:

  • Powerful To-Do lists

  • Team Project Management

  • Share & collaborate with anyone

  • Flat fee for teams



BASECAMP - an online mind mapping tool that helps you:

  • Powerful To-Do lists

    Team Chat

  • File Storage

  • Flat fee for teams

Business Canvasses

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