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JOOR removes the time-intensive and manual administrative tasks involved in collecting data and the overall buying process. JOOR unifies departments within a single system to bring visibility and transparency upstream and allow for smarter buying and allocation decisions.


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SimpliField empowers companies to connect with their frontliners to create smarter execution processes and improve their performance with more predictive decisions from anywhere, in real-time. By tearing down silos between services they make sure everyone is on board and aligned to reach the level of excellence expected by customers.

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ATOBI offers a one platform solution to engage and grow store staff, via #gamification, so churn goes down and customer experiences go up. This mobile-first solution enables retailers to interact via one single channel with the whole organization.

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PREDIT is a startup born in 2016 and based in Milan. Predit is partnered by Techedge Group, a leading IT services and solutions provider and SAP Gold Partner. The mission of Predit is the ideation, development, and marketing of cloud-native enterprise applications for the Fashion market, with a focus on predictive analytics based on machine learning. Predit solutions help your organization make smarter decisions in new product development by maximizing product appeal to customers and reducing the risk and costs of unsuccessful products.

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HERO empowers sales associates in store(s) to sell, serve and earn commission online. Armed with the HERO App, running on their smartphone or tablet, sales associates are transformed from being an often underutilized asset to being digitally connected with millions of online customers through chat, live-streaming, and other communication channels helping shoppers find the perfect item. HERO allows brands to extend the experience of the boutique to the online store.

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Cerebra helps retailers make better decisions by surfacing, ranking and predicting critical opportunities and trends. Instead of providing clients with an endless number of dashboards and graphs. Cerebra synthesizes complex analytics into actionable insights that integrate directly into decision makers' existing workflows.


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Intelistyle provides A.I. styling services to fashion retailers, helping them address the needs of 1 in 2 people that are looking for styling advice online or in store. By providing outfit recommendations for clothes that their customers already own or want to buy, it allows retailers to scale their human styling services, and create personal online or in-store experiences at a fraction of the cost. It constantly learns from the latest trends and then tailors recommendations to each user’s body type, colours, and personal style, offering a personalised omnichannel experience. It will make the same choices as a human stylist more than 9 out of 10 times.

Kostas Koukoravas - Founder & CEO

Kostas previously led product and development teams across Microsoft, Skype, and the BBC, blending Machine Learning, computer vision and delightful UX to build innovative digital experiences. He led the eCommerce team of the biggest personalised gifts retailer in Europe, delivering strong growth to its bottom line through top of funnel and acquisition initiatives. He holds a BA in Business Administration and an Mphil in Informatics.


Michael Michelis - Co-Founder & COO

Data engineer and mathematician with extensive experience leveraging technology to solve Big Data problems. Founded one of the largest online communities for mathematics in Greece and published numerous indie apps. Winner of LSE Business week pitch competition. At Intelistyle he leads engineering, marketing and sales initiatives driving inbound and outbound prospecting.


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Nobal believes in reimagining & reinventing the human experience by enhancing the physical world through seamless and engaging technology. Their flagship product – the iMirror – enables users to access digital content and applications through mirrored touch screens. They first launched in commercial stores in 2015, and are industry leaders with a presence in Europe, Eastern Asia & the US.

Jared Salekin - Chief Growth Officer

An experienced entrepreneur, Jared leads the company’s sales efforts; building relationships with a diverse range of clients around the world. Prior to Nobal he spent time in different industries, in a variety of different roles Jared was born and raised in Calgary and received his Bachelor's degree from Mount Royal University.

Royal Bissell - Chief Product Officer

As a product owner and systems architect, Royal has successfully developed and deployed new products. He specializes in hardware and software integrated solutions; working with technologies including GNSS/IMU positioning and navigation, RF communications and identification systems, and interactive surfaces. Royal holds a BComm. in Operations Management from the University of Calgary.

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Nextail is a retail tech platform that delivers merchandising decisions using AI and advanced analytics; it is an intuitive platform that becomes the hub of information and decision making. Nextail powers 4 key retail merchandising decisions: buying, first allocation optimization, replenishment, and store transfers.


Carlos Casado - VP of Growth

Carlos oversees the expansion of Nextail into new geographies and verticals. Prior to joining Nextail he worked at MANGO, leading the financial planning for the business lines and reporting to the Group’s current CEO. He holds a BS in International Business Administration from ICADE and an MBA from INSEAD.

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Shoffr is an online to offline marketing platform enabling omnichannel customer journeys. They integrate in-store product inventory, allowing brands to expose this inventory across social and programmatic media. Consumers discover online, but reserve at the store. With fulfillment taking place at the physical stores, Shoffr allows retailers to leverage digital media without having to set up any e-commerce infrastructure. With end-to-end tracking, offline attribution is easier and digital ROI becomes more comprehensible.


Abhishek Dadoo - Co-founder

A management consultant turned business developer turned entrepreneur, Abhishek has over 15 years of experience across telecom, media, and retail. He holds a dual Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from The College of Wooster, USA and an MBA from INSEAD.


Shalini Dayanidhi - Head of Business Development, India

Shalini is responsible for growth strategy and sales expansion in India. Her previous experience includes leading end-to-end development of commercial projects and co-founding an entrepreneurial venture targeted towards small and medium enterprises. She holds a degree in Architecture and is passionate about harnessing design to develop inclusive solutions.



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Retail Unity is an omnichannel order management system. It creates one unified inventory; lowers operational expenses by using AI-driven order distribution, and makes shipping-from-store easy with optimized return handling. Using big-data analytics, Retail Unity also calculates figures on local demands for their clients’ products.

Peter A. Blom - Founder & Managing Partner

Peter has managed different IT startups since finishing his education in Management, Accounting, Graphic Design and Multimedia Design in 1999. Retail Unity is now servicing large international Retailers ranging from high fashion to DIY and from privately owned to franchise and publicly owned Retailers.


Peter Jansen - Founder & Managing Partner

Peter co-founded & co-developed the omnichannel operations at Retail Unity. Prior to Retail Unity, Peter was ICT, Supply Chain and E-Commerce Director of the Unlimited Sports Group, where he was responsible for merging IT landscapes and supply chain operations after USG acquired a number of companies.


StoreDNA uncovers carriers and barriers of conversion in physical retail and helps retail groups to maximize the gains from their store assets along every step of the shopping journey; improving on operational efficiency, customer spend and bottom line growth. StoreDNA uses intelligent in-store technologies and existing infrastructure, collecting customer behavioral data and blending it with store economics. StoreDNA. Shopability for Profitability.

Uros Lekic – Director, EMEA

Uros is an entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in managerial roles in management consulting. He holds a PhD in Engineering, and curious enthusiast motivated by ingenuity, consistency, pragmatism and fairness.

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Shopi is an Istanbul-based technology startup founded in January 2018. Their SaaS-based suite digitizes in-store retail processes by utilizing new generation cloud and mobile technologies, it also enhances phygital retailers’ competitive edge by bringing knowledge, engaging content and enhancing power inside the store. Shopi products are either designed for self-service use of shoppers, for store associates, or for the teams at HQ.

Turgut Yazici – Founder & CEO

Turgut Yazıcı is a Turkish serial entrepreneur, with over 12 years of experience in Sales, Digital Marketing and in-store touch screen technologies. He holds a bachelor degree in Labour Economics and Industrial Relations from Kocaeli University.

Alaattin Turyan – Co-founder

Alaattin is responsible for product management and customer success. He is experienced in hands-on software development, with leading large product development teams. He holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Dogus University and has an ongoing Master degree of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management from Bahcesehir University.

Mete Varas – Co-founder

Mete is involved numerous ventures as a founder, executive, investor, mentor or advisor. Previously, he was involved in developing intelligent products for digital signing and encryption at iSentry, and co-founded TurSign, Turkey’s first Electronic Signature Certificate Authority and Datascope. He holds a Bachelor degree in Industrial Relations and Economics from Gazi University and an Masters of Business Administration degree from Southern New Hampshire University.


SizeMe is a fitting and sizing service for clothes and shoes. The service integrates seamlessly into a retailer’s existing web shop and recommends the best fitting size using the customer’s personal measurements and the measurements of the fitted garment. The idea is to reduce returns caused by bad fit and increase confidence in online shopping with more specific information on items sold.

Ville Könönen – Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur first and foremost, Ville has been running businesses since 1995 and has a background in the dark world of engineering. The initial idea of SizeMe came from Ville’s personal frustration in online shopping. Ville is the author of the Ski Jump International, a shareware game family which has been downloaded over 1 million times world-wide.

Jouni Vilén – Business Development

Jouni is experienced in international business, customer relations, user experience and requirements management. He has achieved a 7-year career in Nokia and has a Master’s degree in technology.

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EuroPass developed a Chinese mobile payment solutions across the retail network in Europe, to allow Chinese travelers to realize their shopping with their preferred payment methods, AliPay and WeChatPay. EuroPass also supports organizations in reaching a qualified traffic of followers on Chinese social networks, where it promotes the brands and products to attract Chinese visitors in-stores. EuroPass also develops specific digital solutions for brands to offer advanced services to their customers.

Guillaume de Roquefeuil, Founder & CEO

Having lived in Asia for 10 years, including 8 in China, Guillaume worked on several consulting and entrepreneurial ventures; including work on WeChat’s professional employer branding solutions to improve efficiency their employee recruitment process. Guillaume holds an Engineering degree from Paris Civil Engineering School, a Master of Science from Birmingham University and a Global Executive MBA from INSEAD.

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Brandquad is a digital collaboration platform for retailers and brands. It simplifies and enables governance, enrichment, harmonization and validation of product data, as well as automating data syndication to export channels, and providing insights into product performance via in-depth analytics on the e-retailers’ shelves. The platform helps accelerate product time-to-market, achieve correct and consistent product information across all digital touchpoints, and improved shopper experience.

Philipp Denisov – CEO

Philipp graduated from the Financial Academy under the Government of Russian Federation in 2010. He was a Key Account Manager at Group M and a Sales Director at Stroyportal.ru before launching his own startup. In 2015, he anticipated the growing need for product data management automation and started Brandquad. After successful implementations with L’Oréal and Unilever, Philipp sought acceleration from IIDF, the largest VC fund in Eastern Europe.

Nikita Federov – Global Business Development

Nikita graduated from Boston University’s School of Management in 2015. He then joined an MT programme at British American Tobacco and was in charge of several financial projects, gaining experience in corporate finance, budgeting and treasury. In early 2017, he joined the Brandquad as a project manager, and is now in charge of global business development activities.